What is Backpack?

Backpack is an online homework planner. Students, Parents and Teachers can access it through our dedicated apps or via any computer. As schools move into the digital age, with computers in almost every classroom, the homework planner has been left behind. The problem with a lot of software in the education sector is that it’s “messy”. Other companies try to cover too many different problems, leading to complicated processes that are often left unused. Backpack is the opposite. We have focused all our efforts on solving one problem facing educators in the UK and around the world today: Homework. Our apps and online portal bring homework into the 21st century. Backpack allows teachers to spend more time teaching students, whilst our app takes care of the distribution of homework. A teacher sets a piece of homework on Backpack and it instantly appears on every student’s phone or computer. Parents can interact with Backpack too keeping them involved with their child’s education every day.
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